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The Volkswagen Electric Bik.e

source :: 30-04-2010


Mitsubishi and Tokyo Institute of Technology Developing EV Smart Charging from Wind Turbines

Mitsubishi Corp. and the Tokyo Institute of Technology are developing a smart charging system to exploit wind power produced at night to charge electric vehicles.

Power companies buy windmill electricity generated during the daytime and resell it to households, factories and buildings. But they often are not interested in buying power produced at night because of weak demand. In order to store electricity generated at night, windmill operators need to install sodium-sulfur battery systems, which are as costly as power generators.

The technology developed by the alliance is expected to help reduce this investment burden, which has prevented a wider adoption of wind power generation. It collects data both on power generation and electric vehicle recharging. Power supplied to a charging vehicle can be stopped and restarted in increments of one second. A field test of the system has been conducted in Hokkaido.

A large windmill with an output power of 3,000 kW could 200-300 electric vehicles a night. Mitsubishi reportedly is looking to commercialize the technology for locations with small grids such as remote islands by setting up electric-vehicle charging stations near windmills.

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Smart EV em Portugal

Potência – 30 Kw (41 cv)

Aceleração dos 0-60 km/h – 6,5 segundos

Velocidade máxima – 100 km/h

Autonomia – 135 km

Emissões CO2 – 0 g/km


Veículos Eléctricos pt source :: 29-04-2010

Lexus shows off new hybrid concept… bicycle?

When we think of the term "hybrid," at least in its vehicular sense, we tend to conjure up images of cars like the Toyota Prius and Honda Insight. These machines are so named due to their dual powertrains, most generally consisting of an internal combustion engine and an electric motor and battery.

Really, though, a hybrid could be any vehicle that gets its motive force through multiple sources… no matter what those sources may be. Hence, Lexus’ newest hybrid concept proudly carries its moniker despite the complete lack of an engine. It does, however, have a 240-Watt electric motor powered by a 25.9-volt lithium battery pack, along with… pedals?

That’s right. Though it managed to escape our attention up to this point, Lexus actually displayed a duo of hybrid electric bicycles at last year’s Tokyo Motor Show, and the Japanese automaker is now touting the bike as part of its sponsorship of the Great British Bike Ride.

According to Lexus, the frame is constructed of carbon fiber (the same composite that makes up Valentino Rossi’s MotoGP bike, gushes Lexus) and uses an eight-speed internal gear system sourced from Shimano, in reference to the LS 600h’s eight-speed automatic. There are no plans to put the bike into production. Want to know more? Check out the high-res image gallery below and see the press release after the jump.


Plug-in hybrid and Smart Grid

:: 26-04-2010

Inductive Vehicle Charging


:: 25-04-2010

6 minute charging


“rapid charge capability for a 20 minute charge on a 400V 63Amp connection”

source :: 25-04-2010

The Hanebrink All-Terrain Electric Bike

The Hyundai BLUE-WILL Hybrid


Renault Twizy Z.E. Concept é um veículo zero emissões de CO2.

É já em 2011 que passa a estar disponível no mercado, numa comercialização em larga escala, a um preço competitivo…

Tem 2,30 metros de comprimento e uma largura de apenas 1,13 metros.

Motor 100% eléctrico de 15kw, com um binário de 70 Nm…

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